10 Unmissable Natural Parks in Puglia: discover which to visit…

We live in a particular historical era, we constantly try to go back to the rediscovery of old values ​​and what was there before when everything was still pure. For this purpose we decided to talk to you about the natural parks in Puglia.

Puglia has a lot to offer from this point of view, it knows how to detach itself from space and time in the region is still firm to its uncontaminated being. Its natural parks are numerous and vast, and offer everyone the opportunity to reunite with the true state of primitive nature.

Starting, for example, from the most famous, the Gargano National Park, anyone traveling along the north-Bari coast, especially with a clear sky or when the wind from the east brings rain, will see it from the sea like a distant island. The impression will be of such proximity that it can be easily reached by swimming, in some circumstances the cities on its summit are even well defined. But this is due to its size. Stony coasts and caves, if you also look for sand, outlets on the sea and overhangs, salt water and lakes, panoramas on the cerulean horizon of the tides and the dark green of the Umbra forest. It is not possible not to find the answer to every question on the Gargano, and if not, maybe the question is wrong.

Secondly by extension, located in the interior of the region, the Alta Murgia National Park includes an incredibly vast territory where they show themselves hills and valleys with a predominantly Mediterranean touch, in addition to the Mercadante Park, the Pulicchio, the Pulo, the Bosco di Difesa Grande and, well visible from miles away, one of the most famous monuments of southern Italy, Castel del Monte. Besides the presence of 30,000 dinosaur footprints in the largest doline in the park, the valley of the dinosaurs, it is possible to find rich and uncontaminated fauna and flora. The most palpable touch of man in these cases are the so-called Jazzi, human constructions designed to protect animals from harsh climates.

Third largest in the Apulian natural parks, the Regional Natural Park of the Terra delle Gravine. Its main feature is precisely its Gravine, or carvings based on a historical period that can be classified 125,000 years ago. Due to their particular shape, the gravines are environments that allow the development of conditions that are difficult to repeat for animals and plants. For example, because of the phenomenon of thermal inversion, at the bottom of them are found forms of life usually traceable only above 500 meters; numerous guided tours in this regard.

Also in Puglia the Cesine are a nature reserve protected by the WWF characterized by the presence of marshes and ponds, such as the Salapi and the Great Pantano, a short distance from the sea. They have allowed the development of a particular environment whose charm stands out above all in the visits organized in summer. Pine forests and farms, woods and sea, are found in the Park of Costa d’Otranto-Santa Maria di Leuca and Bosco di Tricase, which affects the southern area of ​​Salento and can be visited on foot or by bike.

The beauty of the sea meets that of the green nature in one of the natural parks between Ostuni and Brindisi: the natural reserve of Torre Guaceto, with its pristine beaches and the typically Mediterranean environmental feature. To the west it is possible to visit, in the south of Gallipoli, the coast of Punta Pizzo and the island of Sant’Andrea. There are pre-arranged routes that can be traveled both on horseback and on foot, which are easy for anyone and so diverse environments that it is possible to discover how they are the key to the beauty of the whole territory.

The caves of Castellana, in the hinterland south-Bari, this 2018 turn 80 and their beauty will be enriched by a series of wonderful events that will highlight the uniqueness. A unique and so vast and delicate environment, which still needs exploration to discover its ravines.

The Tremiti islands, not far from the Gargano and making part of it, need a separate discussion. Traveling in time is really possible, coming back where barely electricity comes to live a day in a world apart. The feeling is that of distance from everything and everyone, while you dive into a sea with the light colors of a watercolor.

Finally, unique for its characteristics and beauty, since 2009 it is possible to visit the Jonian Dolphin Conservation for an excursion among the cetaceans, one step away from the dolphins. A memorable experience regardless of age, to be done in the natural Gulf of Taranto, which presents, despite its fame, a spectacular marine fauna.

In Puglia, peace can be found as desired, often one step away from the city.