Puglia, where is it?

With a strategic location and a long history Puglia is in the south-eastern part of Italy, touched by the Adriatic sea and the Ionian sea, facing the Balkans.
With the longest coastline in mainland Italy, Puglia is blessed by clear and beautiful sunny days, cool breezes and diverse as unique landscapes.

Easily recognisable as the heel of the boot, with the Gargano as spur and Salento as stiletto, or the “tavoliere” from the Latin word tabulae for table indicating the flat plain that characterizes the region.

We like to say that Puglia is the most visited region in Italy, by Italians, and we can’t wonder why would not be..
As some travel guides recalled Puglia is Italy’s ascendant region, a place where savvy travellers bored or worn down by the crowds of Campania and Tuscany escape for something a bit less frenetic and manicured.
Top of the list for prospective newcomers is the food, with our simple cucina povera.

Puglia stretches for more than 400km from the Foggia province bordering Molise region till the lighthouse in Leuca where the two seas of the Mediterranean meet, with the Apennines defining Campania and Basilicata as our other two neighbour regions.

Proudly Mediterranean, Puglia has everything a relaxing as well as a comfortable vacation should be able to offer.

Still (luckily) a bit behind from mass tourism and still very attached to our traditions and old fashioned (right and wrong) habits, Puglia is a 12 months destination welcoming adventurous and curious travellers.

Puglia is subdivided in six provinces (see picture below).