March 21, 2017

Choose Puglia, ask us

Every question that comes up to your mind from the moment you heard of Puglia and considered it as your next or future destination, or once you are already here, has a professional and honest answer in us.

“Whatsinpuglia” is an association that can help you organize tours, activities and tailor made itineraries around Puglia.

We can help you in six languages (English, Spanish, Dutch, German, French and Italian) and you can get in touch with us personally via WhatsApp and also at the following email address:



Globetrotter Travel Agent who loves new experiences and travels all over the world.

Exactly from the heart of Puglia, my wonderful region to which I dedicated most of all my studies in tourism.

I studied Marketing and Events Management and I speak six languages and my passions are: travelling (of course), cooking, attending music events, touring and sailing.

I caught the travel bug as early as 16 and since then I have added many experiences abroad (working in 11 countries in many different sectors) to finally meet my big Passion starting my own Events and Travel Agency.

+39 3291092727


After 118 countries (at April 2018) travelled and working as tour leader in more than 10 of them, proud and amazed by my Puglia, I am ready to present and open it up to those who still search for genuine experiences and adventures.

Motivated by a passion for my roots and my land I am ready to upgrade the tourism concept and approach in my region in a new light.

+39 3339916512

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