January 10, 2019

Active Puglia

Click here for pdf with details: Active


This tour is for those that want to discover and sweat, those who wanna meet new people and places but still explore, it’s for those who want to learn about Puglia in a slower way.

We can accomodate specific requests for Tour Operators, Travel agencies or just groups of friends.

We will happily help your way around the longest coastline of the Italian peninsula, the amazing weather of southern Italy and the diverse landscape of our region, plus great food and wine of course.

You just need comfortable wearing and passion for the open air and we’ll care for the rest.

We’ll be pleased to personally lead and tailor the experiences according to your desires and wishes (we can organize menus for vegans, vegetarians and for any intolerance or dietary need).

We look forward to showing you our home as if you were a (new) dearest friend.

For more information and dates please feel free to contact us.